Sunday, June 4, 2017

Product review: LD-160 LED Video Lamp Light By Kshioe

I have been using light panels in my table top photography.  Pangshi light panel is the newest addition to my set up. It has features I look for in a light panel:

1. It gives me an ability to change the amount of light that the panel generates with a simple turn of the knob. This allows me to have perfect lighting in different situations. 

2. It comes with a built-in swivel which allows me to aim it. I use this light panel on table-top tripod as you see in the video.

3. It has a battery level test button on the back, so I know if I should switch batteries before I start a new photo session. It lets me avoid stopping in the middle.

3. It can run on a large number of batteries, including AA batteries.

4. It comes with three filters: frosted, yellow (my favorite), and purple.  The filters fit snugly and do not fall out even when I have the panel upside down or side ways.

The light panel generates continuous light. Once you turn it on the light panel stays on. This panel does not communicate with the camera like a flash. I use it mounted on tripod so I have more control of where the lighting goes and my camera is lighter for a steadier shot.

This panel is easy to set up and easy to change the amount of light I get to fit any situation.  It is working really well for me.

You can find this light panel on Amazon by following this link.

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