Monday, November 16, 2015

Product review: Prime Pro Spy camera hidden in Glasses

I have tried a couple of "spy" cameras before this one: a pen which has a camera built into the cap and a clip with a built in camera. The main issues with those cameras is aim. You don't know what the camera is aimed at exactly and if you are trying to take video in covert manner you can't be constantly checking it and aiming it. Putting the camera in the frame of the eyeglasses totally solves the problem! All you have to do is look in the right direction. The biggest problem is solved.

Now, how is the video quality? The clarify and color is excellent in good light, the sound is captured well, however the video is not smooth, it is rather jerky. Seems like it falls behind and then skips a few frames to catch up. It is fine for a convert video to document something but not something that would look good in an artistic documentary project. The camera did rather poorly in the dim light and the dark. I am including several video clips (good and bad) to give you a better idea of what this camera is capable of.

The glasses are designed well, it is impossible to tell they have a camera - there are no give away lights, noises, the frame does not get warm. The interface is pretty easy and the feedback via blinks is simple enough that you don't need to carry a manual with you to know what is happening. One long hold puts the glasses into stand-by mode, a second long hold starts the video. The confirmation that video has began is three blinks with a red LED after which the LED is turned off so there are no give away lights. To stop the video you need to press the button again, the confirmation is the blue light blink.

As the camera records the video is saved every 10 minutes. After I fully charged the camera, I was able to record four 10 minute segments (each one was 1.5G). The camera still had a little more power left and I was able to record another shorter segment, about 4-5 minutes.

The camera has no controls. The only thing you can control is setting the date to the current date, and this is done by creating a text file which contains the current date. A sample copy of this text file is present on the micro SD card. Just edit it with any text editor and modify sample time to current time. Save the file. The name of the file us Time.txt.

To charge the glasses from empty to full takes about 2 hours. The charging cable is unique - I don't have anything like it in vast collection of cords. It is smaller than mini USB, I believe it is USB-MINI4P. Bottom line - DO NOT LOSE THIS CABLE!!!!

Micro SD is slot is revealed when you bend the arm of the glasses, it took me a few minutes to find it (I show where it is in my video). When I plug in the USB cord into my computer the 8G drive is mounted and I can copy all files from it to my computer. 8G SD card is included in the package. The glasses can take a card up to 32G. The camera produces either jpg photos (1280x1024) or AVI videos (1280x720).

Finally, if something goes wrong it is nice to have an escape hatch. There is a reset to manufacturer's setting pin hole on the camera.

Overall, a very good combination of stealth and video.

This camera is provided by Prime Pro.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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