Sunday, November 8, 2015

Product review: BSTPOWER Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

This is a medium size trashcan that runs on four AA batteries (not included). I really like the battery choice for this trash can because I have a lot of AA rechargeable batteries and I am running this trashcan on rechargeable batteries. The trashcan has been in use for 2 weeks and I will post an update when the batteries will die.

The outside dimensions of the trash can (with the cover on) are:
12" tall, the base is 8.5" wide
The opening of the lid is 6.5" side to side and 5" front to back.
The finish is stainless silver. It a reflective (i.e. not brushed) finish.

I am using a 6 gallon trash bag.

The cover operates smoothly and closes well preventing odors from escaping. The Trash Can automatic opening mechanism is not too sensitive so it does not open when I just walk by, I need to hold my hand about 3 inches away from the sensor for it to react. If I am 5 inches away it does not move. This is a good thing especially if the trash can is located in a relatively small area.

The Trash Can comes with a handy ring, which allows me to neatly tuck in the trash bag inside the can. It is not totally invisible, but it holds the bag in place without overhang.

The only negative is that the lid, the ring, and trash can do not lock into each other. If the trash can is knocked down the lid and and the ring come off.

Overall I am pleased with this trash can. I am enjoying the convenience of touch-less trash can! It is like having a helpful hand whenever I need it.

This trash can is provided by BSTPOWER for testing and review as part of the new product introduction.
You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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