Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Product review: ZeroEdge Qi Wireless Car Charger Car mount, Windshield/Dashboard and Air Vent Mount Holders

This type of charger has become my husband's favorite charger. It is identical to the Lerway Qi charger that he has been using for over a year. In fact, he loves the style of this charger so much that he decided not to buy Nexus 6 because it did not work well in this charger (Nexus 6 is too long to form a good connection with the coils of the Qi charger). We use this charger mounted on the vent because it puts it into a very convenient position for controlling and seeing the GPS app. The fact that it is a Qi charger make it easy to remove and place the phone without stressing its micro USB connector.

The charger chargers very well. We used Nexus 5 to navigate on a 35 minutes trip using Google maps. The Qi charger was able to keep up with the power consumption of the app and it charged the phone up by 2%. Not all wired chargers are not able to do this, so this performance is pretty impressive.

This car charger can be used for Qi wireless charging as well as wired charging. If your mobile device supports Qi charging the attached charging cable is attached to the cradle, if your mobile device does not support Qi charging then the cable can be plugged in directly into the mobile device. The mount can be either mounted on the windshield, the car vent, or on the dashboard (using provided plate that is glued to the dashboard).

The suction mount works well too. I tried the suction mount on the windshield and the hold is very strong. The mount's jaws open smoothly with one button push.

In attached video I show how the holder mounts in the car vent.

Performance tests:
I use the current monitor and a 10 minute charging to test to test all my chargers, these tests give me two data points to compare different chargers to each.

10 minute charging test: 7% up charge (this is excellent compared with the other wireless chargers measured with the same phone at the same charge level)
Current monitor: 1.34A/5.10V (also excellent, and very similar to Lerway Qi Charger)
Charging at AC rate

Size info:
Inside jaws open 3.75"
Inside pad is 4" tall, open on top
Car mount neck is 5"
Charging cord is 58"

We like just everything about this charger! It chargers well and the vent mount is very convenient.

What could be better? This phone charger does not work well with large phones like Nexus 6 so it would be better if the holder had adjustable arms on all 4 sides.

My husband loves this charger so much that it is now a check off point for every new phone - the phone has to work with this car charger.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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