Friday, September 18, 2015

Product review: Koch Dimmable "Book" LED Lamp

Update: In about 1 months the book light stopped working. I am no longer able to charge it. Even if I charge it for 24 hours it does not turn on.

Original 4 star review follows. The rating has been changed to 1 star.

This is a neat looking light. I saw a similar looking product on Shark Tank but this one is made by a different company. When closed this light looks like a book, when opened it provides light with an option of having 4 different colors. The intensity of the light is not dimmable, but each color provides a different level of lighting. The white light is the brightest but it is still not bright enough to read under. I would classify this light as a night light or a mood light. In my video I show the light in various configurations. I also show the reading of the lux meter which measures the intensity of the light.

The lux meter right next to the light shows 519 lux.
The lux meter at 12 inches shows 49 lux.
For comparison a 60 watt light at 12" produces a reading of 1110 lux.

The light is charged with a regular micro USB cable. When it is charging the light next to the port is blue, when it is fully charged the light turns off.

After I fully charged the light, I turned it on timed how long it stayed on. The light stayed on for 12 hours. It took 5 hours to fully recharge it.

This is a fun novelty light and a good looking night light.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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