Saturday, September 26, 2015

Product review: Solar LED Lights by Linkertech Waterproof

I got a pair of lights. One of them stayed on only for a few minutes after a full day of charging initially and a week later did not turn on at all. The other one stays on for about 3 hours (by 11 pm it is off). Both are very dim, they light only a tiny area right around the light. The stock photo makes them appear much brighter than they are in real life. Are the lights decorative given that they do not produce much light? No. The lights do not look as nice in person as they do in the stock photo. The plastic has a cheap look and they do not look nice when it is light outside.

I took several pictures (setting the camera to manual mode so the camera does not try to compensate for the darkness). I also measured the light it generates with a lux meter (which measures intensity of the light) for an unbiased measurement in addition to my perception of the light level.

This light produces 172 lux when the meter is placed right next to this solar light.
This light produces 10.3 lux when the meter is placed 12" away from this light.
For comparison a 60 watt fluorescent bulb at the same distance of 12" produces a reading of 1110 lux.

The light is 4.5" (tall) and 3.5" (wide), it extends 2" from the wall.

The light is photo sensitive (i.e. it turns on when it is dark). Inside the cap there is an on/off switch to preserve the battery during shipping. There is no label which shows the on/off position. On position is when the switch is pushed towards the narrow side of panel.

These lights were a disappointment.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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