Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Product review: Ivation Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Kit All Smartphones,10x Telephoto Lens,Fisheye Lens, Macro Lens

This lens kit exceeded my expectations. I am attaching a slide show of the photos taken with the lenses in this kit. I thought the photos came out quite well. I included photos from the same spot with and without the lenses so you can see the difference. My favorite lens in the kit in a fisheye lens, it allowed me to take very interesting photos that I could not take without it, the photos are always sharp no fussing with the lens is needed. 10X lens gives good magnification, but requires manual focus so it takes a bit of work to get crisp photos. But as you see in the photo I was able to take photos of bees on flowers. About half of the bee photos I took were sharp and half I did not quite got right. Photography is one of my favorite hobbies, so I am really enjoying these lenses. Photos with my phone are much more satisfying now!

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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