Monday, August 24, 2015

Product review: CHILIPET bird feeder

This is a very simple bird feeder. The metal mesh container screws into the round metal top. The seed container is 8" long, and the round top is 8.5" wide. The top has a short metal loop that can be hung on a branch or a sheppard's hook.

We have a motion activated wild life camera aimed at this bird feeder, so we had a lot of fun watching all the critters who discovered the bird feeder.

We filled the bird feeder with sunflowers. We have a couple of other bird feeders and sunflowers seem to be their favorite food.

From experience with other bird feeders we know that birds like to have perches. To add perches to this birder feeder we put three twigs through the mesh. As you see in attached video the birds used them extensively, however sometimes they did just hang on to the mesh without using the mesh. When the bird feeder has perches there is a lot more traffic at the bird feeder. However, the perches are removed by squirrels (see delightful video which captured it) because perches poke squirrels in the belly.

Speaking of squirrel... Does this bird feeder have squirrel proof mesh? No! As you see in attached video the squirrels had no problem enjoying the sunflower seeds. Squirrels are very smart. It took the squirrel several attempts to find the best way to get the seeds, but they figured it out within a few hours. We have three resident squirrels and each one found a slightly different way of using the feeder.

If this is your first bird feeder be patient as it takes birds some time to find the bird feeder. When we put up our first bird feeder it had no birds for about a week. Because we have other bird feeders it took them about two days to discover this one.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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