Thursday, August 6, 2015

Product review: BUREI Men's Date Stainless Steel Multifunction Watch

BUREI watch is an attractive quartz movement watch. The movement is made by SEIKO, the styling is Swiss. It is classy and elegant. That watch is stainless steel with a black dial, silver numbers, and gold color hands.

The band can be adjusted for a large variety of wrists. What is super nice is that the package includes a tool that can be used to remove links from the band, no need to take the watch to the watch maker. The wrist band is 9.25", my husband has fairly slim wrists and we had to take out 2 links for a perfect fit. The tool worked perfectly and I captured how it works in the attached video. The most important thing is to look for embossed arrow on the back side of the band, this arrow indicates in what direction to push the pin. My husband says the band is extremely comfortable.

This watch is made in China but includes an English manual. The manual covers several watches so you need to match your dial to one in the photo to get the details on how to set various options.

The watch is water resistant to rain and splashing, but cannot be submerged into water.

Overall, this is a very attractive classy looking watch.
You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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