Monday, November 4, 2013

Product review: V7 Wireless Optical Mobile Blue Trace Mouse

I spend almost the entire day with a mouse in my hand, so I am very sensitive to the mouse shape. When I shop for a mouse the shape of the mouse and how it fits into my hand is the most important selection criteria. When I received an offer from V7 to test and review several of their mice I decided to do a comparison review of the differences between the different V7 mice, including photos of how they fit into my hand so it might be easier to make the selection without being able to try them out.

In this review I am comparing two optical wireless three button mice: Blue Trace Mobile mouse and LED Mobile mouse.

✔ Blue Trace Mouse is 4.25 inches long, 2.125" inches wide at the top, 1.125" height at its tallest point.
✔ LED Mouse is 4 inches long, 2.25" inches wide at the top, 1.125" height at its tallest point.

Both mice felt very comfortable in my hand. I liked their profile which is fairly flat. They are responsive without being too jumpy. Blue Trace mouse runs on one AA battery (included), LED Mouse runs on two AAA batteries (included). Both mice have a switch on the bottom of the mouse that allows the mouse to be to turned off, so battery does not drain when the mouse is not in use. Both mice operate with a Nano receiver that plugs in into the PC/laptop USB port, or if it is not in use it can be stored inside of the mouse in its battery compartment.

The top of the Blue Trace Mouse goes all the way to the desk, the LED mouse ends 1/2 inch above the desk. I find Blue Trace mouse to be slightly more comfortable in my hand because of this difference, I can feel the edge of the LED mouse inside of my palm.

I tested the mice in Windows and Linux, and both operating systems operated with mouse with the native drivers, they required no software installations.

Blue Trace Mouse uses laser tracking and works on many different surfaces, not just a mouse pad. I tested it on wood and paper with excellent results. LED mouse behaved flawless on a mouse pad, but was a little harder to control on a wood surface. I liked that the scroll wheel can be used to scroll up and down as well as side to side. Both mice have 1600 dpi with HD sensors so they work precisely on high-resolution wide screen displays. The buttons work for both lefties and righties, as these mice have ambidextrous design. Both mice come with a 3 year warranty.

For visual comparison I am attaching a photo which shows V7 Blue Trace Mouse and V7 LED mouse flanked by two Logitech mice I use. In photo #1 and #2 left to right are Logitech RM67A, V7 Blue Trace mouse, V7 LED mouse and Logictech M305. I show the pictures from the side and from the above to demonstrate the profile of the mouse. Photos #4 and #5 show the V7 Blue Trace Mouse in my hand. Photos #5 and #6 show the V7 LED mouse in my hand.

I like the mice without a pronounced hump so I found both of these mice very comfortable to use. I now use Blue Trace mouse on daily basis and would recommend both of these mice to others.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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