Sunday, November 10, 2013

Product review: Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer

This juicer makes orange juice just the way I like it with a just bit orange pulp. It is easy to use and quick to clean. I have to admit drinking a lot more orange juice since I got it.

The video shows the juicer in use. I am not applying much pressure yet the fruit is totally juiced. The juice is squeezed directly into a cup. The flow is controlled by a spout which can be lifted up to stop the flow of juice. Before you remove the cup remember to tip the spout up to stop the drip. I forgot to do it during the video, so you can see what happens if you do not. Puddles!

The Epica Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Juicer looks nice and works for any citrus. It comes with two cone reamers a large one for oranges and grapefruits, and a small one for lemons. The two cones fit into each other and you can use the orange cone without removing the lemon cone, which is what I do. This way I know I will not lose the lemon reamer which I use less often.

The clean up is very easy if you do it right away before the juice dries up and becomes sticky. The manufacturer does not recommend washing the removable parts of the juicer in a dishwasher.

The cord can be stored under the juicer but it is a bit time consuming to do so I just loop the cord around the body of the juicer, since I use it every day and want the set up to be quick and easy.

I received this juicer from the manufacture for an honest review, positive or negative. I have been using this juicer every day for 2 weeks, I encountered no problems, and I really like it. I hope the video will give you a good idea of what to expect.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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