Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Product review: TUDIA 3.1A / 15W (2.1A + 1.0A) Dual Port USB Car Charger

I tested TUDIA USB Car Charger with Nexus 7 Tablet and Samsung Galaxy Nexus cell phone. The charger provides a total of 3.1A, 2.1A on one port and 1.0A on the second port.

I received this car charger from the manufacture with a request for an honest review be it positive or negative. One of the benefits of being requested to test different car chargers that it gives me an opportunity to compare them to each other using the same charging test, so I can compare them using "apples to apples" comparison. These test provide unbiased results as the numbers speak for the performance of each unit. My tests show that this charger performed above average compared with the other car chargers I have tested. You will find the details of my tests below.

My methodology is to charge each mobile device on each port of the unit for 10 minutes and measuring how much each unit was charged in that 10 minute period. Each line in the table below represents a separate 10 minute test. I use Battery App by Elvison to determine how each device recognized the charging source. 'AC' status means the charging is at full charging rate. 'USB' status indicates charging at a lower charging rate. 'Discharging' status means that the charging rate is below the power that the device is consuming so it slows down the discharge rate but does not re-charge.

The charger has two ports labeled "1.0A" and "2.1A".

The table below summarizes my findings:

Nexus 7 Tablet
1.0A port.........AC power source.....4% change in charge in 10 minutes
2.1A port.........AC power source.....2% change in charge in 10 minutes

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Phone
1.0A port.........AC power source.....4% change in charge in 10 minutes
2.1A port.........AC power source.....3% change in charge in 10 minutes

➨ To summarize:
✔ The charger has a good firm fit in the car charging port. It did not wobble or became dislodged on bumpy roads.
✔ This charger had one of the best performances in car chargers that I have tested

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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