Friday, November 8, 2013

Product review: V7 32GB MicroSDHC Class 4 Flash Memory Card with SD Adapter (VAMSDH32GCL4R)

My V7 microSDHC memory card has 8 GB capacity. This capacity allows you to store 1354 photos each one is 12 MegaPixels or 63 minutes of 13 Mpbps HD video. The memory card has a 5 year limited warranty.

I testd both the microSDHC card directly and the microSDHC with SD sleeve.

I measured the performance of V7 microSDHC memory card with several utilities and found its speed reasonable. It falls in the mid range of various memory cards I have tested in the past, it is neither the slowest nor the fastest.

To test various memory cards I run the same set of tests so I can compare them to each in "apples to apples" comparison, this way if some unit does not perform well I notice it by comparing it to other devices I have tested. My test consist of copying a large set of mp3 files totalling 638916 Megabytes.

V7 microSDHC write performance:
✔ 1.654s (cpu) 2:37.83 (clock time)

V7 microSDHC with sleeve write performance:
✔ 1.437s (cpu) 2:40.11 (clock time)

For comparison I including numbers for copying the same set of files to SanDisk USB2 memory stick, Transcent microSDHC class 6 card, to hard disk of my computer,

✔ Transcent microSDHC : 1.482s (CPU time), 1:33.97 (clock time)
✔ SanDisk USB2: 1.358s (CPU time), 1:23.53 (clock time)
✔ Hard Drive: 0.573s (CPU time), 0:00.58 (clock time)

For read performance test I use Linux Disk Utility Benchmarks.

V7 SDHC Read-only performance:
✔ Minimum read rate 19.1 MB/s
✔ Maximum read rate 22.3 MB/s
✔ Average read rate 21.9 MB/s
✔ Average access time 0.9 ms

V7 SDHC with sleeve Read-only performance:
✔ Minimum read rate 14.9 MB/s
✔ Maximum read rate 22.2 MB/s
✔ Average read rate 19.3 MB/s
✔ Average access time 1.0 ms

The only small negative I have to say that the packaging of the card does not include a plastic case which is included with some other cards. I like having a spare memory card when I travel and find these cases pretty handy.

I was supplied a sample for testing and an honest review, be it positive or negative.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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