Friday, February 3, 2017

Product review: Folding Cane, BeGrit Dependable Ajustable Height Lightweight Folding Walking Stick Cane

I got this stick for my mother. She likes quad canes as it gives her more stability. She does not use the cane all the time, for example in the store when she has a cart the cane gets in her way and the fact that this cane folds up made it sound appearing.

She likes this cane:

1. This cane is fairly light. It weighs 13.7 oz.
2. This cane is stable. It has wide rubberized base which has a good grip.
3. This cane can stand on is own if you need to use your hands to do something else. Even if you bump it a little it balances back to the center.
4. This handle has a neoprene sleeve so when her hands sweat the handle absorbs it.
5. It folds up so she can put it in the shopping cart when she shops. When folded it is 11" (34" when unfolded)
6. It has a leash on the handle which helps her not to forget the cane when she is out. The same leash holds the cane legs together when the cane is folded.

I asked her if there is anything about the cane that she would like to be different. She told me that she would like it to be a little shorter. The cane adjusts from 33" to 49". My mother is short, just under 5' tall. If a cane could be another inch shorter she would find the arm position more comfortable.

The feature that she likes most is that it can stand on its own while she uses her hands to reach for something.

I received this cane for evaluation a special discount as part of a new product introduction.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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