Friday, October 2, 2015

Product review: Letouch® Bossa 1350mAh Ultra Slim Power Bank

LeTouch 1350 mAh external battery is super slim - the thinnest battery I own and it weights only 1.5 oz. It comes with a short (1") built-in cable and it chargers my phone at a good clip (8% in 10 minutes). I run this the same test on all external batteries with built-on cable (since I cannot use a current monitor on these cables). I run the test with phone battery at the same level running the same apps so I can compare different batteries to each other and it compares well with the other batteries running the same test. Its capacity is only 1350 mAh and some of it wasted towards heat, so it does not have enough capacity to fully charge my phone with extended battery. So for the phone it is just a quick emergency boost when the phone needs it. However it works very well with my MP3 player which is less power hungry and when I have it along on my exercise walks I want a battery that it very small and light and LeTouch works very well.

I am able to fully recharge a totally discharged LeTouch in less than 2 hours. It comes with a short (2.5") charging micro USB cable, but it works with any standard cable too.

The only negative I can say about this battery that it does not have a charge level indicator, so I am not able to tell when I am about to run out of juice.

When you don't need a power house charger and weight/size matters this battery is just the right thing.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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