Friday, October 30, 2015

Product review: Campark ACT70 WIFI HD 2560X1080 Action camera

My initial impression of CamPark was very good. Day time video is very good, it does well even in the very sunny situations and does not overexpose. The video during the night under very low light conditions was acceptable. Live video works well. Menu-based interface is well organized and easy to use. The documention is quite good and has a lot of details. The camera comes with a large variety of accessories, including a suction window mount, waterproof camera, and a remote control. I was very pleased for several days.

However, after a few days of usage the camera crashed and was stuck on the first screen (I could not turn it off or proceed to the next screen). I "fixed" it by removing and then reinserting the battery. Initially, I thought this fixed the problem as the camera recorded for another 30-40 minutes. But when I got home I saw that after the crash all recordings were in slow motion. I fully recharged the batteries and tried a few more recordings. They were all in slow motions. I went through all the menus and contacted the manufacturer. The manufacturer was responsive and provided me a software update to install on the camera. However the download is very large and needs to be downloaded from a Chinese site. I have attempted to do this download many times, some of the downloads failed others reported success but unzip utility failed reporting a corrupted zip file. I have not been able to test if the upgrade resolved the problem or not.

In attached video you see examples from the videos before and after the crash. Note that Amazon compresses video so this degrade the video quality in the clip.

Here are my notes from set up:

1. The name of the camera hot spot is "amba-boss".
The password you need to enter to connect to the hot spot is included in documentation.
To put the camera into WIFI mode you need to press the right most button on the top of the camera.

2. The name of the app is "LinkinEyes". This app shows live action from the camera, as well as allows to change camera configuration.

In my video I show live video. It looks good! The delay between the action and display is minimal, it is better than another small camera I have with live video capability.

CamPark supports micro SD cards up to 32GB, Class 10 is recommended (the micro SD card is not included).

It runs on 900mAH and I get slightly over an hour on one charge. To recharge the camera takes about 2 hours from empty. For the fastest charging the camera should be turned off when charging, however it can record while charging if desired.

I received this camera for evaluation and review as part of a new product introduction. Getting a free product does not effect what I say. My reviews reflect only my experience with the product and reviews are good or bad only based on how well the product works. If you have questions on something I did not cover post a comment and I'll do my best to answer it.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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