Saturday, June 20, 2015

Product review: Unnecto Air 5.0 Cell Phones

This a fairly nice phone. Its strongest points are the bright display, a decent battery life, and that it comes with a standard Google interface. There is no custom shell or invasive bolted-in apps that can't be uninstalled as I have seen in other phones that are originally aimed at the Chinese market.

Its weakest point is the small amount of memory. It does allow to install a micro sd card for additional storage for your media (photos and audio) but that extra storage cannot be used for apps. So this means that at some point to add new apps you will need to figure out what you don't use and uninstall those apps. Right now I have 779 MB of apps installed and 111 MB available. I have 25 apps installed. 498MB is available for media content (photos, music, app data).

This phone and its battery are shipped separately. So the first thing you will need to do is to remove the back cover and insert the battery. There were no instructions on how to remove the back, I could not slide it off but was able to flick the cover off starting in one of the corners.

Unnecto Air smart phone has a nice form factor it is 5 7/8" x 2 3/4" x 1/4" and weighs 4.7 oz. The phone is running Android 4.4.2 operating system.

I installed a number of my favorite apps and all of them loaded and ran without a problem. Among the apps I tested are Netflix, Pandora, TuneIn Radio, iHeart Radio, Polaroid Mobile printer. They felt speedy, the touch screen is very responsive, the text is crisp and easy to read. I was able to pair a bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth speakers, an mobile printer without any problems.

To test its WI FI capabilities I run OOKLA speed test and the results were not as good as Nexus 5 but not bad. I got an average of 35 Mbps upload and 29 Mbps download. For comparison, my best results with another phone done at the same time are download 47.05 Mbps and upload is 37.84 Mbps (placing both devices at the same distance from the wireless router). Unnecto Air is decent but not outstanding.

The speaker on this phone is pretty good. When I spoke on the phone, I was told I sound clear, the sound on my end was clear but sounded slightly tinny.

The camera on this phone is decent. It performs best under good light conditions (not into the sun, not dusk). Attached video includes some photos taken by the phone.

Overall, this is a pretty nice phone. It scores well on the two key features: easy to read bright display and battery life. Some of the cons I listed in this review are preventing me from giving it 5 stars but it is a good buy for the money.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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