Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Product review: HHE E27 15w LED Grow Lights - 13 days grow diary

In attached video you can see a 13 day dairy of three cucumber seedlings - one is growing in a sunny window, the two others in dark area under HHE 12W and HHE 15W grow lights. The grow lights were turned on for 14 hours a day on a timer (off at night).

I did this experiment with four different grow bulbs and one control plant in the sunny window.
At the end of the video I include the last day of the plants grown with the aid of the other grow bulbs for comparison.

As you see at the end of 13 days all plants are healthy but the plant in a sunny window is bigger. My video shows the set up for all 4 grow bulbs. The conditions for all plants were the same, they were watered at the same time, the timers were set up on the same schedule. There are slight differences between the size of the plants that grew under different grow lights but the differences were not big. For example, 12W bulb vs 15W bulb did not make a big difference. Based on this experiment I would say shop based on price.

HHE 12W and 15W grow lights fit into a regular bulb fixture. The lights feel well made. The finish of the bulbs looks neat, and when I shake them nothing rattles.

Even though the sunny window did best in my experiment often a sunny window is not an option, and in that case grow lights do quite well. The plants look very healthy.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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