Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Product review: FEELWORLD Full HD 1920x1200 7 inch IPS Camera Top Monitor 4K DSLR Monitor

FEELWORLD monitor an external monitor for a digital camera that has a mini HDMI output.  This monitor comes with a HDMI to mini HDMI cable, a mounting bracket to attach to the camera, and a shade that can be mounted on the monitor.  The battery plate is mounted on the back of the monitor, but F970 battery itself is not included.

The monitor size is 7" x 5" and it is 1.25"thick at the widest point which include the battery mount, battery adds another 0.25" which means it is 1.5" thick with the battery mounted. The shade comes in two parts: the bracket that mounts on to the monitor and a sun shade which is Velcros to the bracket and provides a shade that is 4.25" wide at the top.

The screen looks very good. LCD screen is hard to see in the sun, but the shade really helps. The monitor supports full HD 1920*1200 Resolution. It also support the 4K UHD 3840*2160P.  In addition to HDMI input, the monitor also accepts AV inputs.  USB port is used for system updates.

In attached video you can see the monitor attached to my camera while I am video recording on my phone. The video camera on the phone is not great, so use other photos to judge the quality of the monitor.  The video taken by the phone camera demonstrate how the set up works but since my camera is in the video I could not use it to take the better quality videos.

Overall, this is a pretty nice monitor and makes it much easier to see if the photos are sharp or if they need to be re-shot.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

Ali Julia review ★★★★★

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