Monday, May 4, 2015

Product review: iKross Compact Flexible Camera Tripod with Smart Phone Holder

I am a big fan of GorillaPod tripods, I have been using one for a couple years almost all the time. This tripod is similar in its ability to arrange legs to clamp around things and bend to any angle you need.

It comes with two holders: one is a quick release for a regular camera screw mount, another is the the holder for phones. The holders attach the tripod using a quick release plate.

The tripod 10.5" tall and weights 3.8 oz.

The tripod is able to hold my phone (6.7 oz) and my SONY NEX 5N camera, which is 17.1 oz with its 18-55mm lens.

I like the that quick release does not require any special tools to tighten (Gorillapod tripods require to have a penny on hand to tighten the screw).

I am impressed that the tripod's scrawny legs (scrawny by comparison to GorillaPod) are able to hold my 17 oz camera quite steady. I also like this tripod for holding my light panels - this tripod makes it easy for me to place the light exactly where I need it. For my camera and light panels this tripod works extremely well. The telephone holder is very tight and did not fit my 3" wide phone, on a smaller phone it works fine.

What can be better? The quick plate is made out of plastic. It is easy to over tighten it and enlarge the screw hole making the whole thing wobbly. There is only one screw which needs to share between the two holders it would be better to have two so one can quickly switch between the two holders.

Overall, a very handy tripod design.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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