Saturday, January 4, 2014

Product review: Able Cases Cases - Slip-In Full-Eye - soft slip reading glasses case

I purchased both the brown and the burgundy version of this eyeglass case. Even though they have different measurements in Amazon description (the burgundy is 160mm x 90mm and the brown is 175mm x 90mm) they turned out to be exactly the same in size: 160mm by 82mm (6.25" by 3.25").

The video includes the case with a couple of different glasses to give you an idea of how they fit. The cases fit my reading glasses easily and my sunglasses with a bit of a stretch. They do NOT fit my wrap around biking glasses.

I purchased this case to replace the the big and bulky hard cases that my optometrist switched to. These Able cases are perfect: slim, with a little bit of foam for cushioning, they fit in my pockets and purse easily. I also can take out sunglasses with one hand while I drive.

These cases are made out of faux leather. The finish has a bit of texture. They look pretty good and the price can't be beat. I am very pleased with these cases.

You can find it on Amazon by following this link.

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