Monday, February 8, 2016

Product review: Smelser Fabric Shaver

This fabric shaver works better than my old one. It takes less strokes to remove the pills in one area. It can be used with and without the pink cover. The pink cover keeps the fabric about 1/8" further away from the blades and I use it on very fuzzy sweaters (like the gray one in the video). I remove the cover when shaving sweaters with out much fuzz (like the purple one in the video).

The shaver runs on two rechargeable AA batteries. I fully charged the batteries overnight and had enough power to shave two sweaters. Towards the end of the second sweater I felt that power of the batteries was diminished and I switched to using the shaver plugged in. Cordless mode is more convenient but it was nice that I did not have to wait for the batteries to recharge and finish the job.

The removed fuzz is stored in a clear acrylic compartment so you can see when it is time to empty it. This compartments pulls out to empty.
The package also includes a small brush to clean to help with emptying it out.

I received this shaver for testing and review as part of the new product introduction. This shaver made a significant difference in making the garments looking better. The video includes before and after shots.

You can find "Smelser Fabric Shaver" on Amazon via this link.

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